Health and Safety

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) is a vital part of Maruti Cement's journey towards Sustainable development. Safety Audits are being carried out in Maruti Cement since 1995 by National Safety Council based on the 5 Star Auditing System of British Safety Council. There is a continuous effort to measure and improve Safety Management Systems to avoid accidents.

We have an Apex OH & S Committee headed by the Managing Director. This committee oversees implementation of our OH & S policy Each of our plants and manufacturing units have Professional Doctors and medical facilities for continuous monitoring and observation of workplace hygiene and occupational health.

The following are some OH & S initiatives at our plants:

  • OH & S brochures, signages, posters and mailers used extensively
  • Monthly Safety Gate Meetings held at all our plants.
  • Safety Audit and TPM Audits carried out annually
  • Safety Professionals meets twice a year to discuss and share knowledge on Safety Statistics and implementation of safety measures at each unit.
  • Safety Observation Tours (SOT) conducted weekly by all line managers
  • Behavioral Safety Training programmes for workers at all plants
  • Incident investigations for all incidents including near misses (with potential for injuries). The findings and recommendation are shared across the company