Our product process is supported by strict process and product quality control. A passion for accuracy ensures that the line of operations in our plant is at par with strict local and international standards.

The process uses high grade limestone that in return gives us high grad Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

Advanced technology methods are used to ensure that a high level of quality is attained and sustained right through the manufacturing process. Yet, these high standards are constantly improved upon by an experienced and dedicated technical team to attain performance oriented cement.


  • The optimum ratio of raw mix is attained by the use of on-line analyzers and automatic weigh feeder which are linked to the centralized computers control room.
  • Reduced variability in Kiln feed and complete homogenization of raw meal is attained through Continuous Flow Silo. This ensures that every grain of cement is of consistent quality.
  • The totally computerised monitoring system enables quality clinkerization. It dictates the optimum retention time in the kiln. Equipped with a five stage pre-heater cyclone system, and soon to be commissioned precalciner shall only add to the quality.
  • The modern closed grinding units have a high efficiency separator that producs finer particles of cement. This yields cement matrix with a lower pore diameter. This in turn gives concrete of higher density and lower permeability.